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Welcome to Jaamici website. As we celebrate with Somali graduates all over the world in order to encourage youth for optimum utilisation of  knowledge in Building communities and the state, we are the first place to consider when seeking advice on your admision in your first step into the world of profesionalism. This is a platform of exchange of ideas and experience in the field of studying at the different levels of the University.  Home grown Experts are those who has innitiated this platform and the ultimate goal is to see the next generation that is so competitive and profesional.

Poeple & Culture

Nothing important than Capable Human resource and social Entepreneurship model of doing Business that are combined. At Hoobaan Internet, we made sure that stabilization, economic growth and connectivity grow together for that no one is left behind. So, we are proud that mixing the model of non-profit business with sustained revenue can work best in the context of Somaliland and what we have been Pioneered in the last 2 decades. Experts behind this website are the following :

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